Purpose of the eMT cluster:

The objective of eMT cluster is the development of a unique ecosystem of technologies that will allow fast digital onboarding for SMEs and in parallel will reduce the cost of the enterprises of various sizes to endorse the right technologies for their Digital Transformation. 

Innovative Technologies to facilitate the Digital Transformation of businesses (fast digital onboarding).

he eMT cluster technologies are grouped under technology sub-clusters. The core technology sub-cluster is the eMTMetaplatform, which aims specifically to facilitate the rapid adaptation of businesses to the Digital Transformation. More...

The eMT cluster, gathers innovative Information Technology technologies and methods that apply : 

  • in the agricultural sector,

  • in manufacturing and industry,

  • in smart cities and tourism,

  • in supporting the familiarization of the human factor (employees and citizens) with technology. 

Design Idea


The IT Technologies in the Agricultural Sector aim at reducing costs, early detection of diseases, tracking, ensuring consistent product quality …

Design Idea

Manufacturing & Industry

The Information Technologies in Manufacturing and Industry aim at the complete monitoring of all production stages (from the connection of the  …

Design Idea

Tourism & Smart Cities

Information Technology is a catalyst in serving the citizen and the traveler in an area. "Smart cities" rely on technology to facilitate  …

Design Idea

Human Resources

The Digital Transformation of every business, organization and state, is based on the human factor, from the moment of decision making …

Supporting Entity


The supporting entity is the company ena Development Consultants (ena Development Consultants Ltd), which is responsible for shaping the initial structure of the cluster with IT companies, to communicate the purpose of the eMT cluster to businesses, organizations, professional associations, and local government authorities in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, highlighting the advantages and benefits it creates, aiming to attract additional members and supporters. Simultaneously, it conducts contacts with other collaborative cooperatives in the rest of Greece and Europe, for the expansion of the innovation network and the exchange of technical knowledge. 

Member benefits

  • Implementation of innovative applications
  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies and innovative applications
  • Networking and Exchange of know-how between members
  • Promotion of members and their solutions at National and International level
  • Finding partnerships for the practical implementation of innovative solutions

The eMT cluster is the first Collaborative Innovation Formation in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, focusing on the rapid implementation of digital transformation in businesses and organizations of all sizes. The total budget for the project was €524,136.08, of which €263,124.59 is public expenditure co-funded by the Greek Government and the European Union, specifically the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

The eMT Cluster has been approved by the GSRI in the framework of the Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation program EPAnEK / Axis 02 - COOPERATIVE FORMATIONS OF INNOVATION / GCC and the Supporting Entity of the project is ena company - S. Amoiras - D.Bardakidis GP - (ena business consultants)
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