An organization has to face significant challenges in order to be digitally transformed. These include coming to realize what technology can offer in its operation, selecting the appropriate technologies that will enhance entrepreneurship and its role, retaining or not any investments already made in technology and the speed at which it will be able to combine investment, adaptation and results within its competitive environment.

Central to the eMT cluster is the eMTMetaplatform which is a combination of technological innovations. It allows the formation of different business operating models tailored to their needs. It is an interoperability mechanism, digitizing and homogenizing processes, ensuring the interconnection of market and production requirements. It interconnects different systems (those developed in the eMT cluster or third parties). It will work on the cloud, with SaaS model, providing reasonable security and separation between users.

EMTMetaplatform is framed by the following innovative applications:

  1. Environmental impact measurement system concerning the operation of a company and determination of greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Process management software for the compliance with ISO quality systems.
  3. Metaplatform portfolio management system used by a company and model development.
  4. DWH metaplatform data collection by companies. Development of Deep Learning and AI mechanisms that train the system in the organization of business processes and lead to BI.
  5. Development of universal API for the interconnection of third party systems with the metaplatform.
  6. Site Builder system, automated creation and maintenance of websites that will facilitate entrepreneurs to develop their own front-end tools (eshops, functional websites).

EMTMetaplatform aims to be applied to any type of business and to be combined with the results of the eMTAgro, eMTManufacturing, eMTSmartCities/Tourism and eMTHumanResourceTransformation.

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