Human Resource Transformation


The Digital Transformation of every business, organization and public administration is based on the human factor, from the moment of decision making to the execution of the processes that in turn are adapted to adopt the technology and achieve the respective business goals.

The eMT cluster places great emphasis on the human factor and the Information Technologies employed relate to educational software, multimedia systems, virtual and augmented reality systems, UI / UX systems to implement innovative approaches to the following:

  1. System of multimodal and hybrid (digital and personal) training mechanism, so that professionals in various fields can develop skills in new technologies and methods.
  2. Ideal Digital Guided Environment. Digital portal through which an interested party (entrepreneur, employee or other) can have controlled access to (a) technology companies and come into digital contact with their technologies, be trained in the tools that develop (b) a circle of innovative companies in the field (e.g. the rural with the technological developments that will take place in the cluster), (c) submit a CV and follow the appropriate interview process until the recruitment, (d) receive training and coaching.
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