The primary goal of the eMT cluster is to help familiarize the business, economic and social community with new technology as a means of growth, to encourage innovation and consequent entrepreneurship.

Forming a high technical and scientific background, inextricably linked to economic activities such as the agricultural sector, manufacturing, tourism and transport, functions as a lever of empowerment in the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace that has already entered a growth path due to its geographical location and its natural wealth. This, in turn, results in the economic development of the region, in maintaining the workforce, in the natural connection of academic research and business operation and in attracting investments.

Furthermore, the transfer of innovation in business practice carried out through the eMT cluster, functions as a point of reference for the exchange of know-how with other clusters, research and business groups in Greece and the European Union.

The eMT cluster goals are:
  • To be a mechanism for gathering best-of-breed technologies that contribute to the faster adaptation of companies to a digital environment in order to improve their entrepreneurship.
  • To act as a testing and development ground for new technologies that aim to meet the real needs of companies operating in an ever-changing environment.
  • To enhance the economic evolution of companies and the development of skills of human resources through the use of appropriate technology and customized processes.
  • To assist through technology in the proper exploitation of natural resources, in the protection of the environment, the making full use of the human factor, the evolution of the social contribution and the application of user management methods (ESG).
  • To offer excellence and high quality services based on technology, aiming at economies of scale.
  • To collaborate with other business clusters, expanding its goals, benefiting from the exchange of know-how and from the promotion of its products in other markets and creating expanded opportunities for the companies that utilize it.
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